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My Personal Hair Journey

Two and a half years ago I made the decision to stop cutting my hair. I was determined to have long, beautiful, healthy hair. While the goal was to grow out my hair, I persisted to find a way to do it gently and with products that were completely non-toxic. I was on a mission to formulate products to help achieve this goal!

The items I use religiously are:

Growth Treatment- This once-a-week scalp treatment fosters hair to grow to its fullest potential. It’s made with organic Castor and Jojoba oil, Emu oil, organic Sea Buckthorn oil with Clary sage, Lavender and Rosemary essential oils. This treatment is a powerhouse! It removes buildup that blocks the hair from growing and stimulates rapid hair growth. It also strengthens the root of the hair which reduces shedding and hair loss.

Note: The growth treatment is quite thick. It requires several shampoos to fully remove the product from the scalp. A clarifying shampoo might be necessary to ensure total removal.

Nourishing Oil- This is what I like to categorize as an “anytime oil.” This oil can be applied to hair anytime: like after the stress of hot tools, on wet hair to reduce frizz, and at bedtime as a nourishing recovery oil while you sleep. This power-packed oil is to be used sparingly. A little Nourishing Oil truly goes a long way!

Restoring Oil- This product is very dear to my heart, as it saved my hair after my curling iron went on the fritz and fried it off. My ends were left incredibly damaged and I was begging God for an answer; thankfully, I was given this recipe! The Restoring Oil assists with dryness and improves elasticity, which reduces hair-breakage and improves its strength. Without this oil, I can only imagine what my hair would look like today… actually, I think it would resemble a Brillo pad. But instead of having Brillo pad hair, I simply apply a dime-sized amount of this oil to the lower 1/3 of my hair before bed. The next morning, I wash it out and go about my day! This treatment can be used daily if necessary, however suggested use is one to two times per week.

Shampoo- I currently wash with the Growth and Moisturizing Shampoo Bars. My hair seems to respond best to 100% natural, non-toxic shampoo and products. After doing any oil treatment on my hair, I have best results when I double-wash my hair to ensure all the oils have been rinsed out.

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