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Detox info

Updated: Feb 5

This blog page is a landing spot for all the detox info I have been sharing on my social media pages. If you want to have the info all in one spot, here it is! Whether you want to do the detox with me in a group setting or on your own, here is all the information you'll need! The links provided are affiliate links where I can earn a commission for some. Using my links is free to you, but can benefit me. I would appreciate if you used the links provided so that I can continue to do these types of things without charging a health coaching fee. As a way to say thank you for that, I am able to provide you with free health coaching via the group detox!

Note: I will continue to add to this until I have collected all the information and videos for the full 21 days of the detox. Please come back and reference as needed!

The basic detox I use: Dr. Cabral detox 7, 14, or 21 days consists of a Daily Nutritional Shake, AYU detox supplement, and FM detox supplement. Take this free toxicity quiz to help you determine which kit is best for you.

The whole kit:

Detox kit part 1 - Daily Nutritional Shake

Detox kit part 2 - AYU Detox supplement

Detox kit part 3 - FM detox supplement

Preparing for a detox - it is very important to prepare for the detox. We need to ensure our detox pathways are open so that the toxins can get out instead of recirculate and make us experience Herx reactions.

  1. Pooping daily, 1-3 times a day preferably, increase fiber in diet from whole food sources, inner leaf aloe, my organic digestion tincture, magnesium citrate, systemic enzymes, and/or castor oil packs (see below for links of what I use for these last 2).

  2. Peeing - light yellow, drink filtered water add electrolytes if purified or RO

  3. Lymphatic - Dr. Perry's Big 6 lymph massage, rebounding

  4. Liver - castor oil packs, coffee enemas, Complete Liver Support Tea and/or Tincture (coming soon!)

  5. Skin - sweating, hot baths, ginger tea, sauna

Dr. Perry's Big 6 Lymph massage

The following videos are of supplements that are optional to add to the detox. They are not required, but they do help in their own way. Each body is bioindividual, and we have unique needs. These optional items just make the detox easier to get the toxins out of the body and minimize Herx reactions.

Optional detox supplements - binders (Equilife Universal Binder)

The Meal Plan

This is the plan we will follow for 7, 14, or 21 days!

Recipe ideas

Dr. Cabral has put together detox recipe guides broken into seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

My friend Kim, from Rogershood Apothecary has put together a community cookbook for those who do her parasite cleanse. I recommend skipping the snacks section for during the detox, but do recommend the recipes for after the detox, as they appear to be great and whole food based! Stick with the smoothies, salads, soups, sides, main dishes, and dressings! There is a special section at the end that gives you a layout of what a 7-day meal/menu plan might look like.

Optional protein supplements to increase protein content. I do not like to drop my daily protein amount too low, so I add protein to my shakes! I use Naked Vegan Chocolate (code NN7J79M3PS will save you 20% on your first order) and Bulk Supplements Beef Protein Isolate. By adding a half serving of each of these two protein sources, my shakes are boosted by an additional 22.5 grams of protein per shake! This ensures that I reach my goal of consuming a minimum of 90 grams of protein per day! I do not do this detox for weight loss. I do it to eliminate toxins from my body. Weight loss is a side effect of doing this detox.

Day 1 and 2 are shake only days.

These days are important for deep cleaning of the body. As I said before, I add extra protein powder to ensure I have at least 90g protein every day. I have also being using the Complete Liver Support Tea. On these days, there are 4 shakes of one scoop of the Daily Nutritional Support Shake (DNS), plus my other two protein powders, and four capsules of the AYU and FM detox supplements split into two doses. If needed, you can split them into four doses too.

Day 3 through 7 are two shakes and two meals.

These two shakes get two scoops of DNS shake powder for breakfast and in-between lunch and dinner, plus the four capsules of AYU and FM detox supplements in two doses.

For Day 3, I had a homemade veggie soup and teriyaki chicken that I modified to be more compliant to the detox.

For Day 4, I had mediterranean salad for my lunches, and salmon with Brussels sprouts for dinner.

For Day 5 through 7, I had mediterranean salad for my lunch. I don't mind to eat the same thing on repeat. For me it is easier to prep so I don't have to worry about what I will eat. It is ready to go when I need it. Dinner is baked chicken with sautéed veggies (bell peppers, brussels, broccoli, onion, garlic, and carrots).

Day 8 & 9 are shake only days again. If you have lost too much weight thus far, please continue to do the two shakes and two meals days.

Day 10 I have scaled back to one shake and 3 meals to slow down my weight loss. I also reduced my detox supplement to half.

Day 11 I enjoyed one shake and some really good soup! I love the Ginger Chicken Soup from Fed and Fit. I swap the sweet potato for carrots and a little regular potato. I love this soup because I think it is delicious, and I am able to freeze it and/or I am happy to eat it daily as left overs.

Day 12 through day 21 I went back to the scheduled detox plan. I had to pause due to the rapid weight loss. I continued with one shake per day and 3 meals. When I cook, I always freeze left overs so that I can have ready made nutrient dense meals later. I was able to reheat the teriyaki chicken, and ginger soup. I made more sautéed veggies with cubed chicken as well.

Post detox: what now?

There are many avenues you can take.

  1. You can continue focusing on keeping detox pathways open, as listed above.

  2. You can continue drinking the DNS shake every day.

  3. You can take the Daily Detox Support.

  4. You can continue to implement healthy recipes from the above recommendations.

  5. If you desire to focus on weight loss, I recommend the Fatlossity supplements.

  6. You can schedule a freee consultation with me to work with you to reach specific health goals.

As for me, I am continuting with the detox since I paused. Once all the detox supplements are gone, I will pivot into a parasite cleanse. It is important to ensure the detox pathways stay open during this time and that binders are used.

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