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My hair care routine ~ 2021

I am currently washing my hair 1-2 times per week. Normally on Wednesday and Saturday if twice a week, and Saturday if once a week.

I shampoo twice, first with Herbal Shampoo bar, second with Moisture Lock shampoo bar.

Next, I do an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse with 1 Tablespoon of ACV in 8 ounces of water. I use about 4-6 ounces of water per rinse and just save the rest for the next wash. I use a squirt bottle, like a picnic-style mustard bottle so that the squirt stream is small and thin. This allows me to control where it's going (no running down my face into my eyes or in my ears). I focus on my scalp and allow it to run down the length of my hair.

I use the conditioner bar focused on my ends, and no higher than my neckline. This helps keep my roots from getting oily quickly and gives them some volume. Should I need additional conditioning power, which is not often, I will apply a little Andalou Naturals Sunflowers and Citrus conditioner to the ends. I mostly only do this in the summer. I help my grandparent's take care of their over 2 acre yard, plus I truly love riding around with the top down and doors off my Jeep. The extra conditioner helps with "outside" work tangles.

After shower care is equal drops, usually 3 of Split End and Frizz Control Oil and Nourishing Tonic for Skin and Hair. These oils are applied from ends working my way up to about the neck area. I allow them to sit for several minutes because they are a great detangler together as well as an awesome general leave-in. They allow me to use a wide tooth comb to comb out my wet hair much easier. Sometimes, but very rarely I have to use the Hair Detangler if my hair is giving me attitude and making knots as I comb it out. But that's not often, and I will also switch to the Wet Brush Pro when this happens.

I dry my roots with the cool shot and medium heat on low only to prevent microbial growth, specifically fungus. A healthy scalp means healthy hair, so I take care of my scalp as best I can. I do not blow dry in the direction my hair prefers to lay. I flip it to the opposite direction to give the roots some lift. My hair is to the middle of my hips. With that much length pulling down, it's challenging to have root height. Cool drying in the opposite direction helps!

I sleep on a mulberry silk pillow case with my hair up in a sleeping bun every single night. When I happen to sleep on a cotton pillow case with my hair in a braid or down, I am reminded in the morning just how damaging doing this is to the hair. My hair is dry, frizzy and just not healthy looking or feeling, and requires several applications of Restoring Hair Oil to return to it's proper condition. Hair up in a loose bun held with spin pins and resting on mulberry silk is a very important step in skin and hair health.

Each morning and night I assess my ends to determine if they need oiled. Depending on needs, I will select between Split End and Frizz Control or Nourishing Tonic for Skin and Hair. 1 to 2 drops is all that's needed normally.

Occasionally, I will do an over night treatment with Restoring Oil. I am happy with the length of my hair so I am no longer using the Hair and Lash Growth treatments on my scalp, unless I am having scalp issues and it needs a little TLC.

I eat a Sapien Diet (80/20) to nourishing my entire body, ensuring I eat appropriate fats, proper amount of protein, and phytonutrients for skin and hair health.

Daily supplements:

Multivitamin 4 per day, split 2AM and 2PM

Pure Liquid Collagen 1 Tablespoon in AM on empty stomach

Lots of water! I drink coffee in the morning and the rest is water. I drink at least a gallon a day. Sometimes I will add lemon juice, Liquid IV for electrolytes or Kion EAAs for amino acids.

Links to all hair products used:

Amazon link (non-affiliate) to other products I use.

I do curl my hair at least once if not twice a week. To keep my hair from becoming damaged from hot tools, I apply either Nourishing Tonic or Split End and Frizz oil after I have curled my hair. EVERY TIME. Just a drop or two is plenty. This along with the daily prevention maintenance keeps my hair in good condition and allows me to use hot tools when I want to.

If you have any questions, please let me know! I'll do my best to help.


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This is super helpful! Thank you :)

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