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DIY Recipes for common household products

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

In an effort to help you transition to non-toxic household product options, I wanted to share the "tried and true" recipes that I have used for years.

Laundry Soap

4c Borax

4c Washing Soda

2c Baking Soda

1 bar Dr. Bronner’s castile soap - as of June 2019 I now use 125g EH soap flakes

I mix the borax, washing soda and baking soda in a very large bowl. I cut the bar of castile soap into cubes about the size of dice. I transfer about 3 cups of the powder mixture from the bowl into my Blendtec and top with a good handful of soap cubes. I pulse until the soap cubes are completely incorporated with the powder. If you do not have a high speed mixer like a Blendtec or a VitaMix, I recommend using a mandolin on fine to grate the soap. It is important to get the soap as small as possible so that it thoroughly dissolves in the wash cycle. Otherwise you will be left we weird globs of soap goo on your clothes….not what we are looking for here.

I use 2Tbsp per load directly in the drum with the clothes. I have a 4.9cuft front loader.

Dishwashing Soap, *not dishwasher soap

1 part liquid castile soap (toxic score of 1)

1 part Ivory dishwashing soap (toxic score 3)

1 part water

Add each ingredient to an empty bottle, gently invert several times to mix the ingredients together.

I use Simple Truth liquid castile soap for this recipe only because I do not like how this castile soap feels on my skin. I do not like how it lathers, cleans or rinses when used as a body wash or hand soap. However, it works amazingly well for this recipe! It cleans and rinses off dishes like a champ!

Body Wash

8oz glass or safe plastic container, I use PETE1 or 2 bottle with a pump

1/2c Dr. Bronner’s baby mild liquid castile soap

4Tbsp vegetable glycerin

3Tbsp sweet almond oil

I use a funnel to combine each ingredient directly into the container. You can add essential oils to this to tailor to your needs. Ensure you use high quality, pure essential oils. This is the only brand I use.

Foaming Hand Soap

8oz foaming hand soap container

2Tbsp. Dr. Bronner's baby mild liquid castile soap

1/2tsp. sweet almond oil

Fill the foaming hand soap container about 3/4 the way full, ensure you allow room for the pump, add the castile soap and the oil, fill the container the rest of the way. Invert gently to incorporate ingredients.

I use OnGuard cleaner concentrate to clean the bathroom and kitchen.

I use Seventh Generation for my remaining needs. This company understands the dangers of "fragrance" and states every ingredient clearly on the label. The majority of their products are 3-5, which falls into my BETTER category of choices.

Message me if you have any questions!


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