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The liver has 3 phases where work is performed. Phase 3 specifically requires a healthy gallbladder and kidneys. If we don’t support all 5 areas, we experience a traffic jam of toxins that will be recirculated in an attempt to be eliminated again, or get stored because the body can only eliminate so much.


This herbal tea blend is made of herbs that provide complete support so that original fat soluble molecules, such as toxins and excess estrogen, can be oxidized in Phase 1 & conjugated in Phase 2 and completely converted into water soluble molecules ready to be eliminated with bile from the liver and finally through the kidneys in Phase 3!


This product is especially helpful in supporting estrogen dominance issues. It supports the body during Phase 1 oxidation, and Phase 2 conjugation so that excess estrogen can be eliminated from the body in Phase 3 with the help of the gallbladder and kidneys.



2oz amber glass dropper bottle

Liver Support Tincture

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  • Grain alcohol, reverse osmosis water, glycerin, organic decaf green tea, organic artichoke, organic milk thistle seed, organic dandelion root, organic hibiscus flowers.

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