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Yarrow strengthens blood circulation and improves blood flow. It is known to dilate the capillaries, which in turn increases circulation.  Healthy blood circulation is essential to maintaining the overall health of the body as it ensures that every part of the body receives enough blood and oxygen to function properly.


Yarrow is a bitter herb that is an excellent digestive stimulant that encourages proper bile secretion from the gallbladder, which in turn promotes digestion and can prevent gallstones from forming. It also contains the phytochemical azulene, which has anti-spasmodic properties and relaxes the internal stomach muscles, making it useful cases of digestive cramps.


Yarrow is the traditional go to herb for stomach flu and other gastro-intestinal disorders because of its ability to heal and tone the mucus membranes in the digestive tract. It can also normalise hydrochloric acid secretions, with low stomach acid now being known to be the cause of many digestive issues – including indigestion and heartburn.


Yarrow stimulates sweating, making it a great option for those with fevers. It also is good to pair with sauna use to support the sweating process to excrete toxins from the body.


2oz amber dropper bottle


Use 1 to 1 dropper full as needed to support your lymphatic system.  

Yarrow Tincture

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  • 80 proof triple distilled vodka and young yarrow leaves grown by me!

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