This alcohol-free face mist is gentle and calming, as well as lower in pH to ensure the integrity of the acid mantle of the skin is maintained.  


Irritations such as dry/flaky skin, eczema, breakouts, ruptures, rosacea, etc occurs when the acid mantle and lipid barrier of the skin is compromised.  This mist, along with the Soap-free Face Wash and Barrier Repair Oil support the skin to heal and repair itself naturally.


2oz sprayer

Nourishing Face Mist

  • Alcohol-free Witch Hazel, Organic Rosa Damascena Petal Hydrosol, Rosa Alba Petal Hydrosol, Calendula Officinalis Flower Hydrosol, Matricaria Recutita Flower Hydrosol, Glycerin,  Coconut Oil, Sea Salt, Kelp, and  Citric Acid.

  • Mist lightly on cleansed skin.  Allow to dry completely before next step.