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The foundation to health and wellness is mineral balance.  


If you have used magnesium chloride spray and haven't gotten the relief you expected or experienced itching, burning, stinging then this is the product for you! With our soil, air, and food becoming more and more depleted of these required nutrients, it is imperative that we restore them daily.


My Mineral Rich Magnesium Spray allows magnesium to work more efficently in the body by ensuring the proper ratio of cofactor minerals are present.  Magnesium, along with Calcium, Potassium, and Sulfur, paired with trace minerals of Boron, Chromium, Iron, Manganese, Iron, Selenium, and Zinc, as well as all the known minerals in sea water, the body is able to most efficiently and effectively utilize and process each one to reach optimal health.


Have you ever heard of people traveling to healing bodies of water to soak in? This is for the mineral rich water found there. Our bodies are made up of the SAME minerals found in sea water. The Mineral Rich Magnesium Spray is my attempt to bring that same healing to you, right in your own home!


2oz amber spray bottle

4oz amber spray bottle



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