I used to live in Hawaii and I vividly recall the relaxed feeling I would have as I would escape to the beach, close my eyes, tilt my head to the sun and take in a deep breath of salty air. I used those feelings to inspire me when I created The Essential Homemaker's Liquid Sunshine.


This unique oil blend returns me to a relaxed state of mind when I am feeling anxious, when the to-do list is longer than the amount of time the day will allow, or when I am feeling disconnected and scatter-brained. This special blend will help bring you back to your center, while restoring peace, joy, focus, energy, and connection...much like a nap on a beach.


This roller blend contains:

Tangerine:  The oil of cheer & creativity 


Lemongrass:   The oil of cleansing


Melaleuca:  The oil of energetic boundaries 


Lemon:  The oil of focus 


Melissa:  The oil of light 


Apply as needed.


10ml roller

Liquid Sunshine