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This Essential Homemaker Laundry Powder  includes sodium tetraborate (borax), washing soda, baking soda and Essential Homemaker Laundry Soap Flakes.



For normal capacity washers, use only 1 scoop (1 Tablespoon) per load.  Yields 32 loads for the 16oz tub, and 128 loads for the 64oz tub. 

For extra-large capacity, or extra-soiled loads, use 2 scoops (2 Tablespoons) per load.  Yields 16 loads for the 16oz tub, and 64 loads for the 64oz tub.


When using for washing normal loads, the Essential Homemaker Laundry Powder is economical at $0.16 per normal load or $0.32 per large/heavy duty load, and yet it is strong enough to get out the toughest stains including blood, coffee, and grass.  It is also less toxic than store bought brands.  I use Essential Homemaker Laundry Soap Flakes which are also non-toxic and fragrance free.


This powder is essential oil free, allowing you to customize you washes as you desire!  If you'd like Lemon or Lavender essential oil added to your order, please leave me a note.  I will add them free.


16oz or 64oz tub

Laundry Powder

  • Borax, Washing Soda, Baking Soda and Essential Homemaker Laundry Soap Flakes.

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