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The iTOVi scanner is a unique device that helps you determine which products your body has a strong response to through galvanic skin response.


Every biological or non-biological thing has a unique energy signature that vibrates at certain frequencies. A frequency is simply the number of times a wave repeats itself within a second, called an oscillation. iTOVi has measured and recorded each unique frequency as it relates to biopoints and the essential oils and products doTERRA offers.


As the iTOVi scan runs, your body will naturally react to these frequencies and the scanner will record these changes, identifying them as unresolved biopoints. Biopoints are simply parts of the body, such as organs, vertebrae, or other biological systems. The iTovi scan processes its results in minutes.


Once the scan is complete, the iTOVi App will show the oils or supplements to which your body had the strongest reaction. Reactions are broken into 3 categories: Emotional, Environmental and Physical, as well as how to use the oils on your report.

iTovi Scan - Individual

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