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This herbal tincture is formulated to relax the uterus, promote blood flow, and reduce pain during the menstrual cycle. It clears out a congested liver, which moves out excess estrogen, and reduces breast tenderness.


For those uncomfortable days of your menstrual cycle, Smooth Cycle is just the thing you need to combat cramps and period discomfort. This special product is formulated to provide soothing and relaxing relief, helping you to take back control of your body and be able to manage your normal daily tasks more comfortably. It is especially helpful at bed time to manage period symptom that interfere with a good nights rest.  Let this product be the answer to your period-related worries and start feeling better now.


Learn how to cycle sync, and support your hormonal processes with my eBook Cycle Syncing ~ made easy!


2oz glass dropper


Directions: take 10 drops as needed for menstrual discomfort. (My personal dose is 5ml. I used to be prescribed moderate dose narcotics to manage my cramps).


Check with your doctor and pharmacist for interactions of any medications you are taking.

Smooth Cycle

  • Grain alcohol, reverse osmosis water, gymnema, angelic, bupleurum, corydalis, and white peony.

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